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Brand Name: ACOTLAR-100 TAB

Composition: ACOTIAMIDE 100 MG 


Arlak Biotech’s Acotiamide 100 mg tablet is a drug that belongs to the category of “gastroprokinetics”. It is profoundly used in the treatment of excessive indigestion known as functional dyspepsia. It is a chronic problem that can majorly affect a person’s lifestyle. Functional dyspepsia occurs when the food is not digested properly and it causes pain and bloating feeling in the abdominal region.

Acotiamide tablet contains Acotiamide salt in the quantity of 100 mg. The salt increases the production of acetylcholine concentration which further increases the gastrointestinal peristalsis movements. The drug must be taken with the prescription-only as it may lead to several allergy reactions if taken without recommendation.

If Acotiamide 100 mg Tablet is taken with the proper precaution then it will definitely give the desired results within a given span of time. Acotiamide 100 mg is best suited for severe stomach problems and it helps in the reduction of indigestion and makes you feel better.

Medicinal Benefits of Acotiamide 100 mg Tablet

Acotiamide 100 mg is a great medicine that provides intense relief to problems if taken with precautions.

Functional Dyspepsia
The term functional dyspepsia is commonly known as indigestion issues. There is a sign of a severe stomach and it may be chronic which needs to be cured with proper medication. Acotiamide 100 mg salt helps in leveling up the acetylcholine chemical which further increases the gastrointestinal peristalsis movement. With the increase in movements, the intestine works better thereby fasting the digestion process that makes the food dissolve completely without any hurdles.

Acotiamide 100 mg tablet is proven best for the treatment of bloating that is caused mostly by the food we eat during digestion.

Abdominal Pain
Acotiamide 100 mg tablets specialize in the treatment of stomach pain that occurs with the unhealthy food we eat. It also treated the ulcers with immediate effect.

Side Effect of Acotiamide 100 mg Tablets

The usage of Acotiamide 100 mg tablets gives some serious side effects that are not beneficial for the patients.

There are chances that the patient may notice the situation of diarrhea that may give adverse effects and a severe amount of irritation.

While taking the medication, constipation may occur which will make the routine uneasy.

The heavy dose of Acotiamide 100 mg tablet might give dizziness.

The continuous usage of Acotiamide 100 mg tablets can be a cause of regular headaches.

Liver enzymes
The Acotiamide 100 mg tablet may give a reduction of liver enzymes if the necessary precautions are ignored.

Precautionary Guideline for Acotiamide 100 mg Tablet

A person must take some necessary precautions while undergoing the medicinal process for Acotiamide 100 mg tablets.
Pregnant women are not recommended to use Acotiamide 100 mg tablets however if the requirement is too necessary, please consult the doctor before the use.

  • As the person using Acotiamide 100 mg tablets might give you dizziness hence, the usage of alcohol is not recommended.
  • We recommend not to overdose on the usage of Acotiamide 100 mg tablets.
  • The clinical prescription is really necessary for the usage of Acotiamide 100 mg tablets.
  • A person is requested to eat home-cooked healthy food with fewer spices and easy to digest.
  • If you face any serious issues with the usage of Acotiamide 100 mg tablets then consult the doctor immediately.


There are no proven signs of the occurrence of allergies but if there are some noticeable signs with the usage please consult the doctor.

Note – The Acotiamide 100 mg tablets are for external use only.
Disclaimer– Acotiamide 100 mg tablets are made for the use of adults only and cannot be given to children.

Acotiamide 100 mg tablets will definitely cure the problem but it is really necessary to take precautions.

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