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Bacterial infections are the most common infections when our body is not immune to certain bacteria then these bacteria can infect our body and in general these bacteria can harm children too and to deal with such problem FAROPENEM SODIUM 50MG can be used because this drug is very effective in treating the bacterial infections and this medicine come in form of syrups especially just for the children because they cannot take tablets and injections and to make the route of administration easy for children, it came in form of syrups.

Faropenem Sodium 50 mg is very effective in treating bacterial infection of the respiratory and urinary tract. This antibiotic can come in this form so that it can metabolize quickly and get absorbed in the body system and with the help of the bloodstream reaches the infected parts and show its effective result. This antibiotic not only stops the growth of bacteria it actually kills them but do not use this antibiotic more often because if you do that then this bacteria can create resistance against this antibiotic and your body always remain prone to this specific bacteria.

Mechanisms of FAROPENEM SODIUM 50MG   

Any antibiotic kills bacteria by inhibiting the cell wall’s synthesis so that the bacteria have no way to survive this drug is also come in the category of antibiotic and this also inhibits the cell wall synthesis. This drug helps in inhibiting the cross-linkage bond between the linear peptidoglycan polymer chains and this is the main part from which the whole bacterial cell wall is made up, the moment this drug destroys the cell wall the bacteria die by themselves because bacteria are cellular organisms and there is only one cell wall available to protect any bacteria from the foreign agents.


We use medication if there is a need for that and this medication is used in case of bacterial infection. This medicine is very effective in killing bacteria and these are some benefits that you can gain while having FAROPENEM SODIUM 50MG.

  1. This medication is used in treating the bacterial infection of the respiratory tract.
  2. This medication is very useful for children due to having an easier route for administration.
  3. Quick response time helps you to give you instant relief.
  4. This medication is used in treating the bacterial infection of the urinary tract.
  5. This medication helps you to breathe effectively.

Side effects of FAROPENEM SODIUM 50MG

Every chemical compounds have some chemical properties that are used to treat certain medical conditions but being a chemical compound it can disturb the other available chemical of the body and when it does that then there are some side effects of that chemical compound. These are some side effects that you can suffer from during this medication.

  1. You can suffer from headache problems while having this medication.
  2. You can feel nausea.
  3. Sometimes vomiting can be one of the side effects of this medication.
  4. Sometimes there can be stomachache.


The medication shows its effects properly if you use it properly and the way to use different medication can be different this medication comes in the form of syrup and help in tackling the bacterial problem and to take whole benefits from this medication you have to follow certain rules. These are some instructions that you must follow while using this syrup.

  1. Take this medication as per the prescription of the doctor.
  2. Take plenty of water after having this medicine because you can suffer from diarrhea and if it is persistent then consult your doctor.
  3. Do not this medication in case of pregnancy.
  4. Store it well and away from the sunlight because it can affect the drug concentration.




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