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Ointment Pharma Franchise

 Ointment Pharma Franchise – Arlak Biotech is a reputed ISO 9001:2008 certified Ointment Franchise Company in India. Our company is an award winning pharmaceuticals company for quality PCD franchise in the year 2015. If you are looking for genuine ointment pharma franchise businesses, then our company is the best! We are offering our pharma franchise for ointment all around India at very reasonable investment plans.

Ointments have been used widely as a part of dermatology products parts. They have been widely in-demand for various therapeutic and non-therapeutic uses. The ointment pharma franchise offers you the best returns and profits. Arlak Biotech some of the best and widest range of quality ointment. Our nine dedicated divisions help you get the best of derma tropical medication. All the ointments being offered are made in GMP and WHO certified manufacturing units.

Collaborate With The Leading Ointment Franchise Company in India | Arlak Biotech

Our company has been serving the population with best ointment formulations. We are offering our pharma franchise for ointment throughout PAN India at genuine price. The ointment products have been using the best of technology and research work. Our nine dedicated divisions are the reason for our huge success. Here are the benefits of being our client through ointment PCD and pharma franchise:

Promotional Backup: Our Company offers attractive and best marketing backup. We are known for our ethical ways of promotion and marketing throughout India. The materials of promotional tools and latest marketing techniques have been embraced by the company to provide you the best.

Best R&D Team: Our Research and Development team has been the best in India. With nine divisions, we have nine different R&D team which help in research work of each drug. The pharma experts are skilled and experienced personnel of our R&D team.

Certified Firm: Arlak Biotech is certified with ISO 9001:2008. The manufacturing units and plants are certified with GMP and WHO to provide you standardized ointments. Each and every unit of ointment is certified with FDA and DCGI.

Quality Range Of Ointment Provided By Arlak Biotech For Franchise

Looking for ointment for burns, pains, inflammation, scars or any other skin ailment like eczema etc? Arlak Biotech has some of the best range of ointments. We offer ointments made from best quality extracts and ingredients base. These include vegetable oil base, water soluble base, absorption base, emulsifying and hydrocarbon bases. Here is a list of ointments franchise that you can get:

  • Franchise For Ointment for burns
  • Pharma Franchise For Ointments for boils and scars
  • Franchise for Ointments for cuts, pain, and injury
  • Ointments for inflammation, itching, and pain
  • Pharma Franchise Ointments for skin disorders like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

Our company is engaged in development through nine divisions, quality manufacturing and franchise marketing of a wide range of ointments at best price in the market. To know about our PCD franchise and monopoly franchise deals in your city or district, call us at +91-9888885355 or 9803023099. Alternatively, you can call us on our . You can text us your query at to know more about our best offers and franchise deals.

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