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Zimnil-M is composed of Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid Suspension. It is an antipyretic and analgesic medication. This combination is highly useful for the treatment of mild to moderate pains in the body that are connected to health conditions. It is useful in bringing relief from pain arising from muscles, dental pain, headaches, pyrexia, etc. 

Paracetamol possesses analgesic and antipyretic properties and is useful in bringing relief from fever, headaches, pains, etc. It is frequently used in medications for the treatment of cold and flu-like symptoms. 

Mefenamic acid belongs to the fenamate group of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. It possesses anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic properties. This medication can also bring relief from menstrual pain. It works by stopping the secretion of certain enzymes that are responsible for the feelings of pain, fever, inflammation, etc.

Paracetamol acts on the Central Nervous System by enhancing the pain threshold limits. It works by inhibiting the action of enzymes involved in prostaglandin synthesis. Mefenamic acid works by inhibiting the action of prostaglandin synthetase. This reduces the feelings of pain in the body. And thus, helps in bringing temporary relief from pain occurring in the body.

Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid Suspension is an oral suspension and thus should be taken orally by mouth with or without water. This medication should be taken as directed by the physician. The actual dosage of this medication is to be determined by the doctor based on the extent of the medical condition, age, the effect of the medicine on pain, and other physiological conditions. 

Tell your doctor about your entire medical history and about any other medication that you are currently on. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any component of this medication or any other allergy in general. This is to ensure the safety of this product for the patient. Do not change the dosage of medicine on your own without consulting the doctor. This may hinder the effect of medication on the affected area. 

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