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Fungal Diastase & Pepsin Syrup: The medication is a digestive aid generally used to treat digestive disorders such as indigestion, acidity, and bloating. It helps in the proper digestion by breaking down larger protein molecules into smaller ones. Fungal Diastase & Pepsin Syrup is also known as an appetite stimulant that helps in enhancing hunger by treating acid indigestion. The syrup also treats other digestive orders such as flatulence, heartburn, epigastric distress, pancreatic insufficiency, eructation, etc. It helps get rid of abdominal discomfort and improves the ability to digest complex food with ease. The syrup is prescribed to you to help get rid of digestive disorders and stimulate your appetite. 


How do Fungal Diastase & Pepsin Syrup work?

This digestive aid contains two digestive enzymes called Fungal Diastase and Pepsin. Fungal diastase is a starch hydrolyzing enzyme. It works by breaking down the complex carbohydrates into simpler carbohydrates. The fungal diastase helps improve the digestion in stomach fullness, chronic illness, indigestion, and flatulence. On the other hand, Pepsin is an enzyme whose precursor form is released by the chief cells in the stomach. It degrades food proteins into peptides and fungal diastase is a starch degrading enzyme and thus an ideal enzymatic supplement. Therefore, with the help of the combination of these two, Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup help get rid of digestive disorders and gastric problems. 


Uses of Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup

  1. The medication helps treat digestive disorders.
  2. Helps get rid of gastric problems.
  3. Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup act as appetite stimulators that help in increasing hunger in an individual.  
  4. The syrup helps treats Pancreatic insufficiency. The digestive disorder in which there is an inability to produce pancreatic enzymes.
  5. The medication helps treat other digestive disorders such as acid indigestion, eructation, heartburn, epigastric distress, etc.



  • Indigestion
  • Digestive disorders
  • Belching
  • Pancreatic insufficiency
  • Anorexia
  • Chronic illness
  • Impaired appetite.


Side Effects of Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup

The Fungal Diastase and Pepsin medication are overall safe for usage. However, some may experience few side effects of the medication. Not to worry, the side effects are nothing major and absolutely curable. Some of the side effects that may occur after taking Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup are:

  1. Painful Urination
  2. Abdominal Pain
  3. Upset Stomach
  4. Seeling of Sickness
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Heartburn
  7. Skin Rash
  8. Vomiting
  9. Nausea


Precaution for Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup

To avoid the side effects of the Fungal Diastase and Pepsin medication, Keep some precautions in mind. Such as:

  • Inform your doctor, if you are taking any prescribed, non-prescribed medicines, herbal, or vitamin supplements before using the syrup.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any allergic reaction to pork protein or any content of Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup.
  • Inform your doctor, if you have any medical history of inflammation of the pancreas also known as acute pancreatitis.
  • Consume the syrup with caution if you are a diabetic patient. 
  • In case you are pregnant or a nursing mother, do not take the Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup without proper consultation.
  • Try to take plenty of fluids and probiotics, if you are suffering from indigestion. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. In which condition should a person stay cautious while using Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup?

Be cautious while using the syrup if you are allergic to any of the medicine or ingredient contain in it, have a history of acute pancreatitis, or are a diabetic patient.

2. What happens if you missed a dose of Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup?

Take the dose of the syrup the minute you remember it. However, if the clock strikes for the next dose, it is suggested to skip the missed dose. Avoid taking two doses of Fungal Diastase and Pepsin medicine together. 

3. Can a person stop taking the Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Syrup if their symptoms are relieved?

No, do not stop taking the syrup medication only because your symptoms are relieved. The symptoms may relieve easily but it may take some time for the disease to cure fully. For that, you cannot stop taking the medication unless it is suggested to. 

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