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Scope of PCD Pharma Franchise – Are you thinking of joining PCD pharma franchise business? Looking for the best business deal for a bright future aspect? Want to know the scope of PCD pharma franchise in India? A perfect business planning is what all you need for a good future. We are loaded with industries offering good growth opportunities. The question arises, which business to choose? We will tell the best for you.

Pharmaceuticals Industry is a wide domain. It is the industry mainly known for giving support to wellness industry and medicine producing capabilities. If you are in search of a good business opportunity, then PCD pharma franchise is the best. Are you new to the concept? Want to know more? In this article by Arlak Biotech, we will tell you about the scope of PCD pharma franchise for you.

Scope of PCD pharma franchise

Understanding The Term “PCD Franchise” in Pharmaceuticals

PCD is a term used as an abbreviation of Propaganda Cum Distribution. It is a new concept of business in India but a popular one. When we say Franchise, we mean the legal authority or right passed to the third party for promoting their goods, commodities or services. In pharmaceuticals, the distribution of medicines takes place through pharma franchise. PCD is a small term which is included in Pharma franchise.

The business is ideal for individuals or groups who desire business but do not have huge investment capacity. On the other hand, Small companies can opt for this business models also if they want. It helps to expand the marketing and sales catalogs list.  The main idea behind offering PCD franchise in Pharmaceuticals is the expansion of the industry.

Some Luring Facts And Figures As To Why Choose PCD Pharma Franchise Business

You may debate on the topic, whether to choose this business or not? What if you choose it? will it be profitable in future? What are the benefits of associating with this industry? One cannot deny one thing that when you are ill, you are likely to buy medicine directly or go to the doctor & then purchase medicine.

The medicine is the thing that we need to cure our illness. The pharma industry offers medicine and the production of products of wellness industry too. This includes supplements, capsules, tablets, powders etc.

We present you some facts and figures of this industry to show its good capability as a business destination:

  • The Indian pharmaceuticals Industry is estimated at 2, 40, 000 crore currently.
  • The effect of demonetization in this industry has been the least.
  • The Government of India determined to achieve Pharma Vision 2020 of US $ 55 Billion has already planned many strategies.
  • Liberalization decision by the government by offering more than 70% allowance of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Patent Act 1970.
  • The industry offers good growth and expansion chances.
  • The support of a reputed Pharma Company is like a wise head walking along your business venture.
  • Monopoly rights make this business of PCD a good choice.

The next three of this industry is full of profits who will join it for you. So, if you are thinking to join this industry, you can for sure.

The Scope Of PCD Franchise In Pharmaceuticals

Entering the pharmaceuticals industry is a profitable decision. The industry has its demand well. Thanks to the widespread consciousness of masses for health. How can you join PCD pharma franchise? The following are the scope of PCD Pharma Franchise in India:

The scope of Pharma Franchise as a Retailer or Chemist:

The first option is to choose a retailer business. This includes chemist or pharmacists. This is good for individuals and a small group of individuals. You just need to have good connections with medical representatives and doctors.  When you apply for Pharma franchise, you will have the option for the following:

  1. Standalone Pharmacy (Undertake residential areas)
  2. Hospital Pharmacy (Undertake hospital)
  3. Township Pharmacy (Undertake a particular housing complex or township)

Scope as a Wholesaler

The wholesaler is the one who stocks a lot. His work is to distribute the given medicine to the retailer. He is a retailer working on large area and formats. You have the following option – distributor, stickiest and C&F (Carrying & Forwarding Agent).

  • Franchise Medicines Distributer.
  • Unani/ Homeopathic / Ayurvedic Medicine Distributer.
  • Medical /Surgical Distributer / Health Supplements.
  • Supply to Pharmacy Chains.
  • C&F (Carrying & Forwarding Agent).
  • Over The Counter medicine Distribution.

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