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Colistin Sulphate manufactured by Arlak Biotech belongs to the class of antibiotics medicine that helps the treatment of only bacterial infections that occur by leveling down the presence of bacteria in the body feeding on the food we eat and thereby growing in number.  The growth of present bacteria which is involved in the presence of the infection. It is very important to take the medications as this will help not just reduce the effect but possibly also reduces the effects it causes such as the production of harmful toxins in the body which leads to other issues, such as diarrhea, and other appetite problems.

Colistin Sulphate contains the precious salt that primarily protects the cell wall and promotes food cell growth. It responsibly works by blocking the entrance of the bacteria to the present cells, and that reduces their number to zero. As this is a pediatric drug, hence adults are suggested not to consume it. There are some of the necessary precautions one is required to follow, such as keeping an eye on the child so he might not intake the other harmful substance that causes bacteria growth. Fulfilling the nutrition of the body is also very important while being on medication. 

If the salt Colistin Sulphate doesn’t suit the child it will develop some side effects too such as nausea, vomiting, Paresthesia, loss of appetite, and more, hence try to avoid and seek the clinician’s advice as soon as you can. Although this is a pediatric drug pregnant women must not intake it. Moreover keeping it away from the child is also necessary because if an overdose is done, it will cause the occurrence of many medical issues. Take all the necessary precautions as suggested by your doctor. We do not advise the intake of salt, it must be done with the doctor’s recommendation only. 

Colistin Sulphate Salt Outcomes 

There are some positive outcomes that will help the child cure the bacterial infection in the most possible manner. It is very much important to take the suggested precautions and primarily the intake must be under the guidelines of the pediatrician only. 

  • Cure the diarrhea conditions.
  • Treats bacterial infections.
  • Helps in the protection of the cells.
  • Prevent harmful growth.
  • Maintain body immunity.
  • It tastes better in tasty, hence the child will consume it.

Precautions for Colistin Sulphate Salt

The parents are requested to follow some necessary precautions which will benefit the child and cure the symptoms of the increased growth of bacteria. Following the suggested precautions is necessary. 

  • Keep the track of the intake of Colistin Sulphate Syrup.
  • Do not let the child intake the medication on their own.
  • It is important to give the medication time.
  • If any of the allergies develop, ignore the pediatrician immediately.
  • Do not give the syrup if the child faces any of the harmful medical condition symptoms. 

Side Effects of Colistin Sulphate Salt

With regular consumption, the child can face some of the side effects which either be common or can be cured with the decreased effects of the salt but if there is an occurrence of the symptoms that are troubling the child, it is necessary to keep a check on the health and consult a doctor. 

  • Loss of appetite can be noticed.
  • The child may suffer headaches.
  • Vomiting can be caused.
  • Drowsiness may occur.
  • A child can suffer from insomnia too.
  • Irritated behavior can be noticed.
  • Fever can be the most common symptom.
  • Skin allergies can develop too.


Keep the Colistin Sulphate Syrup in a cool and dry place only.

Note – Colistin Sulphate Syrup is for external use only.

Disclaimer- We will not recommend the use of Colistin Sulphate syrup until the physician advises the intake.

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