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Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets belong to the class of antidepressants. It is used in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorder. It is also used to cure mood-related disorders such as sadness and loss of works by enhancing the level of chemical messengers that stabilizes anxiety and balance the mood. It is only used in conditions where the other medicines are not suitable.

How to use Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets IP

Swallow this tablet as a whole with water or any other liquid. Do not try to break or chew the tablet as it may disrupt its functioning. It is advised to consume this medicine before bedtime as it may cause drowsiness. Do not overuse this medicine or it may cause serious overdose consequences.

The exact dose and duration will be prescribed by the doctor to avoid any discrepancies in controlling the symptoms. Do not stop using this medicine yourself without a doctor’s consultation. This may lead to withdrawal symptoms. Also, the doctor will decide whether to increase or decrease the dose according to your health condition.

Undesirable Effects of Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets IP

Side effects of this medication are classified into three categories- common, serious, and rare but serious effects

Common ill effects

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dry and saliva lacking mouth
  • Blurred eyesight

Serious side effects

  • Hallucination or uncommon sounds
  • Tremors
  • Profound sweating
  • Low blood pressure
  • Tiredness and extreme fatigue
  • Tremors
  • Allergic reactions on the skin

Rare serious side effects

  • Signs of liver problems like jaundice(yellow color of eyes or skin)
  • Reduction in bone marrow or blood cells(mouth ulcer, fever,low platelets)
  • Convulsions and fits
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Difficulty breathing and extreme sweating
  • Suicidal or harmful thoughts

Immediately discontinue the use of Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets if you experience any of the above symptoms and contact the doctor promptly.

Detailed Precautions and Warnings

  • Before taking Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets IP informs your doctor if have allergies to any medication. This medicine may contain inactive components which may cause serious allergic reactions.
  • This medication should only be taken during pregnancy under the supervision of a doctor. Self-administering this medicine may cause unpleasant medical consequences.
  • This medicine isn’t habit-forming but you may witness withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop using this medication.
  • This medicine is not advised to use by people with liver or kidney disease. Do not take this medicine if you suffer from any liver ailment.
  • Do not consume alcohol during the course of this medicine. It may make drowsiness worse and cause uncomfortable issues.
  • Do not drive or perform any other concentrative activity until you are aware of how this medication affects your concentration and focus.
  • Do not consume these tablets after the expiry date. It may cause serious allergic reactions.
  • It is not recommended to use Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets IP in heart patients. consult your doctor before using this medication if you have any heart abnormalities.
  • Do not overuse this medicine. It may cause serious medical emergencies. Stick to the prescribed dosage by the doctor.

Drug Interactions

 This medicine may interact with other anti-depressants like imipramine, nialamide, iproniazide, phenelzine, and moclobemide.  It is also found that medicines used in curing migraine, bacterial infections(linezolid), medicines used to treat unbearable pain, stomach or peptic ulcers(omeprazole), blood thinning and anti-coagulating medicines (warfarin), and medicines to prevent stroke.

Drug-food interactions- No relations yet established

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets IP also a muscle relaxant?

No Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets fall under the category of tricyclic anti-depressants and are used to treat depression and anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, stress, and mood swings.

Q2. Which is the best time to take Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets

It is advised to take Dothiepin Tablets during bedtime as they can cause drowsiness and sleepiness.

Q3. Can Dothiepin 25 mg Tablets IP be used in children below 12 years of age?

It is not recommended to use this medicine in children without the proper prescription of a doctor. Do not self-use this medicine as it may lead to life-threatening complications.

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