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JC BEST OIL (For Joint Pain and Arthritis Pains)


COMPOSITION:Datura 300 mg, Kali Musli(Curcuigo Orchoides Gaertn)300 mg, Menthol(Peppermint)0.01 ml, Til Tel(Seasamum Indicum)2.9 mg, Rasna(Pluchea Ianceolata)200 mg, Mustard Oil 7 ml, Shilajeet 300 mg, Gondru Gond 100 mg, Karpoor(Camphor)0.5mg, Lahasun(Allium Sativum Linn) 500 mg




JC BEST knee Pain Oil is specially formulated with the best ingredient for people who has regular complaint of acute and chronic join pain problems. If you have Stiffness and joint mobility issues such as muscular pain, joint movement, back pain. Then Arlak JC best knee pain oil easily and rapidly helps in providing relief from all types of issues. So buy Arlak arthritis pain oil now and say good bye to all types of arthritis pains.

Safe Ayurvedic Patent Medicine
Datura 300 mg
Kali Musli(Curcuigo Orchoides Gaertn) 300 mg
Menthol(Peppermint) 0.01 ml
Til Tel(Seasamum Indicum) 2.9 mg
Rasna(Pluchea Ianceolata) 200 mg
Mustard Oil 7 ml
Shilajeet 300 mg
Gondru Gond 100 mg
Karpoor(Camphor) 0.5mg
Lahasun(Allium Sativum Linn) 500 mg

Recommended Usage

You have to apply few drops on the affected part of you joints and massage gently. This oil gets absorbed easily & starts penetrating on the affected areas of the body to provide significant relief. To get best results you have to apply this oil with light massage 2-3 times a day.

Note: For more durability please store this oil in a cool, dry & dark place.

Benefits of JC Best Oil for Arthritis Pain Problems

The main benefits of Arlak arthritis Pain relief are as mentioned below

  • It helps in Providing significant relief in joints and swelling.
  • This oil is used for even backache, shoulder and neck pain issues.
  • It helps in Providing the complete relief in muscular pain & spasm.
  • It is useful in improving the joint mobility and even helps in relieving in morning stiffness.
  • It acts as a natural pain reliever which even help in relieving arthritis pains.
  • Arlak arthritis relief is a powerful pain reliever oil with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. With which one can easily get rid of joint pain problems.
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