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Anthrax infection is a bacterial infection which is caused by gram-positive bacteria which is known as Bacillus anthracis. This rod-shaped bacteria generally enter in the human body through the inhalation process. Generally, these bacteria do not pose a threat because most of the human body is immune to them but these bacteria can affect other animals, and if a human comes in contact with these infected animals or if they by chance consume such infected animal product they can get this type of infection too. Bacteria are organisms that can infect your internal organs Sometimes this may infect your external organs too generally gram positive effects both ways and grow where they find suitable conditions. These types of bacteria generally live in soil but your domestic animals may gets infected by that or if you consume something that is already infected by this type of bacteria from there you can get this infection too.

To deal with such infections you need effective antibiotics and this Levofloxacin 500 mg tablet come under this category and provide relief from these kind of bacterial infections. This medication is in the form of tablets and that is why the right way to administrate this medicine in the body is oral. This medication helps in treating pneumonia, kidney, prostate (a male reproductive gland), and skin infections and provides relief from the symptoms caused by them.

Mechanisms of Levofloxacin 500mg Tablets

This tablet has special properties and these properties help in killing bacteria Generally there are three basic necessities of bacteria without any of them they can not survive and these necessities are mentioned below.

  1. Protein- Proteins are required by bacteria for performing many vital functions.
  2. DNA Replication- To multiply themselves these organisms need to perform a DNA replication process.
  3. The cell membrane (Protective layer)- This layer is required by this organism to protect itself from environmental stress.

This particular tablet stops the DNA replication process so that they can not multiply themselves. This is possible because this chemical composition inhibits one of the very important enzymes of these organisms DNA-gyrase which they require for DNA synthesis by doing that this tablet stops the DNA synthesis and stops the DNA replication process and without DNA bacteria are unable to survive.

Benefits of Levofloxacin 500mg Tablets

This tablet is very effective against gram-positive bacteria and also helps in stopping bacterial growth which generally infects your internal organs. These are some of the main uses of this medication which are mentioned.

  1. This medication stops DNA Replication.
  2. This medication stops bacterial growth and kills the bacteria which cause this kind of bacterial infection.
  3. This tablet helps in treating pneumonia.
  4. This tablet helps in treating the kidney infection caused by the bacteria.
  5. This tablet treats bacterial skin infections.
  6. This tablet treats prostate (a male reproductive gland) infections.

Side effects of Levofloxacin 500mg Tablets

This is chemically formulated medicine and this medication helps in treating bacterial infections but there are some bacteria that are very beneficial for the human body because these beneficial bacteria help in performing many functions and the moment this chemical composition kills them and reduces their number then the functions they perform get break down and body suffer with some side effects these are some of the side effects of this Levofloxacin 500mg Tablets.

  • Breathing or swallowing problem
  • Extreme thirst or hunger
  • Pale skin
  • Shaky or trembling feeling
  • Fast or fluttering heartbeat
  • Sweating

Direction for using Levofloxacin 500mg Tablets

This medication must be started only after the prescription is provided by the doctor. These are some of the instructions which you should keep in your mind.

  1. Bacteria are smart organisms and do not use this medication more frequently follow doctor’s instructions for that because these bacteria can create resistance against this antibiotic.
  2. Take this medication on time with a lot of water at least 1 full glass of water is required.
  3. Keep in tablet in a dark, dry, and cool place.
  4. Drugs can interact so let your doctor know if you have any other medication.
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