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GOKHRU Gokhru fruit is an excellent cleanser of the excretory system. It cures difficult micturition and kidney stones. It increases urinary output and reduces edema and swelling in kidney failure.

  1. Boon for Kidney ailments Gokhru for kidney; is really an effective medicine.
  2. It cures the swelling and relieves the pain too.
  3. Gokhru cures Calculus which is also known as the stone formation in organs. It cures the stones.

PASHANBHED The literal meaning of word Pashanbhed is, one that breaks stones (Pashan is stone and bheda means to break, in Sanskrit). It is said to have property of breaking and disintegrating the stones and is widely used drug.

  1. It is recommended for painful micturition, for curing abdominal tumour and for breaking up calculi.
  2. This medicinal plant is useful in treatment of many ailments but particularly for urinary calculi.
  3. Pashanbhed herb is found in Himalaya and the Khasi hills Assam. The rhizomes of this plant are used to prevent and expel urinary stones. It exerts potent antilithic property. Help significantly in dissolving performed stones.
  4. Pashanbhed is widely used in the treatment of cystitis. It is effectively used in the treatment of dysuria and promotes diuresis.

VARUN:- It is diuretic and anti-inflammatory. This herb basically supports renal conditions. It helps to remove renal stones naturally thereby preventing surgeries as this herb is act as the litholytic herb which means it has ability to break up stones. Basically it deactivates the enzyme glycolate oxidases which decrease the production of oxalates in the body which in turn combine with calcium to form kidney stones due to this action of herb known as litholytic herb.

  1. Varun is useful in benign prostrate enlargement, kidney failure,
  2. It is very useful in the treatment of urinary disorders caused by enlarged prostate.
  3. It is very effective for obstruction in urinary tract and helps in removing the renal stones. This herb is also very useful in kidney failure and increased urea.

 LAJJALU Whole plant is used for vesical calculi, for dropsy, rheumatoid arthritis, myodynia and uterine tumors.


  • Punarnava is a wonderful ayurvedic remedy with diuretic properties and also increases renal blood flow. It has astringent, bitter, anti-inflammatory and carminative properties. It is excellent heart and kidney tonic.
  • It clear toxins from the blood and increase red blood cells in the body as a result haemoglobin increases and oxygen content increases.
  • It also prevents pain and intestinal spasms.
  • The toxins accumulated in the joints are eliminated through kidney and urine.


Palash is considered anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anthelmintic, anti-diabetic, diuretic, analgesic, antitumor and astringent. Its leaves are astringent, diuretic and anti-ovulatory properties.


  • Dissolves and expels calculi.
  • Relives Spasm & colic associated with calculi.
  • Treats burning micturition.
  • Treats Urinary Tract Infection.
  • Check repeated stone formation.
  • Averts surgical intervention.


Sahadevi plant is used for treating various ailments. The Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India recommends using Sahadevi plant to treat intermittent fever, filariasis, blisters, boils and vaginal discharges.


Kulthi has diuretic and antilithiatic properties. It breaks the urinary stones into small particles and thus expels stones from body.


The principle component is fulvic acid, which provides it anti-anxiety, anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties. Shilajit is useful in several diseases of brain, nerves, kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs and endocrine glands. Especially, Shilajit has influence on thyroid gland and improves its functions. Shilajit treats urinary disorder and kidney stones.


It treats urinary disorders and abdominal problems. This formulations acts as a diuretic and also induces perspiration. It also helps in constipation and other urinary disorders.

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