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RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) – RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) is an anti-angina medication. RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) is used to treat chronic angina (means cardiovascular disease and is most commonly due to insufficient oxygen supply from fixed epicardial lesious in the arteries.

RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) – works by improving blood flow to help the heart work efficiently.

RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO)- is used to treat chronic angina ( chest pain).

RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) is used to alone or with other medication to treat chronic angina (ongoing) chest pain or pressure that is felt when the heart does not get enough oxygen.

RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO)  is in a class of medication called anti-anginals.

RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) is used to treat a type of long term chest pain (stable agina) in some people.

RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) may be usd concomitantly with B-blockers,nitrates, calcium channel blockers,antiplatent therapy ,lipid-lowering therapy ,ACE inhibitors and angiostensen receptors blockers .

RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) is prescrption medicines used to treat adults with angina that keeps coming back (chronic angina).


RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO)  represent a new class of antianginal drugs. RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) blocks late inwards sodium current in cardiovascular by blocking late inward sodium current calcium overload and distolic wall strees are reduced ,leading to improved coronary blood flow. RANOLAZINE (Z-RANO) inhibs persistent or late inward sodium current (Na) in heart muscle . In a variety of voltage – gated sodium channels. Inhibiting that current leads to reductions in intercellular calcium levels . This in turnleads to reduced tension in the heart wall, leading to reduced oxygen requirement for the muscle.

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