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PCD is the acronym for Propaganda cum Distribution. In simple words, top PCD Pharma companies are into manufacturing several products but only with their trademark that is registered. Not only have these companies helped patients all over the globe, but it has helped pharmaceutical products to seep into the interior markets as well.

Often, PCD Pharmaceutical companies are on a lookout for distributors who can use their franchise to help the business grow. But how will it benefit you? Here are some  benefits of working with the top PCD Pharmaceutical companies :

It is not so risky!

There is always an ongoing demand for pharmaceuticals. There are patients all over the world who depend on this industry. Hence, you will never have to fear going out of business. Working with PCD Pharmaceutical Companies will make sure that you do not have to face uncertainty.

Huge profits in less time

Since there is always a demand for pharmaceutical products, you can make huge profits even if you are a fresher in the market. Working in some of the top PCD Pharmaceutical companies in India is quite rewarding.

Investment capital is low

You need not invest a lot in this industry. All you need is a little bit of effort, and you will be able to climb up the ladder.

Monopoly rights

You will get to enjoy monopoly rights if you decide to do business with PCD Pharmaceutical companies. These companies manufacture medicines under their own franchise, and no other company can produce those medicines. Hence, you will be the sole distributor of these medicines, and you can enjoy a huge chunk of the profits.

Arlak Biotech – All About us

There are several PCD pharmaceutical franchise companies in the market. One of the most prominent ones out of them is Arlak Biotech. Our company is based in Chandigarh and is one of the top PCD Pharmaceutical companies in India. Along with excellent service, you will get access to a wide range of products manufactured by our experts. The different kinds of products that are produced by our company for its Franchise Partners include Antimalarials, Analgesics, Antibiotics, Genito – Urinary, amongst many others. Apart from medicines that are required in case of a disease, we also manufacture everyday pharmaceutical products like antacids and dental products.

What makes Arlak biotech unique?

Our company has years of experience in this industry. It is a PCD Pharmaceutical company that has taken over the entire market with its tablets, capsules, syrups, oil, powder, granules, and ointments. Arlak Biotech manufactures products that are WHO-GMP and ISO certified. Our top-notch marketing team is constantly working towards coming up with unique ideas and is thoroughly experienced. Our clients are invariably happy with the quality, and the packaging of our products and client satisfaction is our topmost priority at all times.


Moreover, it is rated excellent in terms of product delivery and service as well. In order to make your PCD pharmaceutical business idea to work, you need to start working as soon as possible. Collect as much information as you need and get to work!

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