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I – SHOT Chewable Tablet


Brand Name :-  I – SHOT  chewable Tablet

Composition :- Vitamin c 500 MG + Zinc 22.5 MG

Packing  :- 60 Tablets

Category :- Immunity Booster and Anti-oxidants .


 I-SHOT (Vitamin C + zinc ) is an Immunity Booster . . I-SHOT (Vitamin C+ zinc) is considered to be an  “ immune booster “ which give aid in the treatment or prevention     viral and bacterial  disease of numerous disease , including  colds, asthma , bronchitis , cancer , high blood pressure , osteoarithritis . I-SHOT (Vitamin C + Zinc ) may boost immunity by  Helping white blo od cells functions more effectively . I-SHOT (Vitamin C + zinc ) is a strong antioxidants that strengthens   the body`s natural defence by protecting the cells from harmful molecules called free radicals . Low level of vitamin C can result in a condition called scurvy. I-SHOT used to treat or prevent vitamin c deficiency . Zinc, a nutrient, helps your immune system and metabolism function. Zinc is also important to wound healing and your sense of taste and smell. Zinc also helps the body make protein and DNA. 


  1. I-SHOT  reduce chances of virus and bacterial Infection .
  2. I-SHOT reduce your risk of chronic disease.
  3. I-SHOT help manage high blood pressure
  4. I-SHOT  lower your risk of heart disease as these supplement may lower bad cholesterol and blood triglycerides
  5. I-SHOT reduce blood uric acid levels and help prevent gout attacks .


I-SHOT   Prevention and treatment of scurvy . Increase iron excretion during deferoxamine   administration .  I-SHOT used to treat   vitamin c deficiency ,  scurvy, wound and bone healing , urine acidification and in general as an antioxidants . I-SHOT  also been suggested to be an antiviral agent .

 “  Coronavirus disease experts suggest taking 200 mg of vitamin daily covid -19 prevention or 1-2 grams daily for COVID -19  treatment “ .     

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