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Top Cardiovascular Pharma Companies in India – The pharma sector in India is at a booming phase. According to experts, the healthcare industry in India is predicted to flourish at a rate of more than 15% in the coming years. The biggest reason behind such a flourishment is the accelerating healthcare issues especially heart-related concerns in India. This has pushed the demand for cardiovascular medicines in the domestic market. India is the home of some of the best pharma brands and in this blog, we will disclose the Top Cardiovascular Pharma Companies in India that have created their unique identity through their products and service.

According to the survey, there has been a significant jump in heart and cardiovascular diseases in India. In India, almost every 4th person out of 10 is suffering from either high blood pressure or heart attack. Therefore, the demand for cardiovascular medicines has reached its peak across PAN India. If you are looking to enter the pharma sector and wanted to figure out the Best Cardiovascular Pharma Companies in India, then you have reached the right place.

In the coming sections, we have provided an elite list of companies that exclusively manufacture and supply top-notch cardiovascular medicines. All these companies are listed on the basis of their market value, coverage, goodwill, product quality, and many more factors.

Arlak Biotech – Best Cardiovascular Pharma Company in India

Arlak Biotech is one of India’s most famous and renowned pharma companies. The firm has made a significant impact on the industry through its planned business strategies. They are the prime manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of healthcare medicines including the cardiovascular range. The company holds ISO certification and is backed by GMP-WHO-approved state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities. Apart from this, their quality monitoring and product packaging techniques are famous across PAN India. Below are the reasons why Arlak Biotech is among the Top Cardiovascular Pharma Companies in India:

  1. They have a well-planned infrastructure.
  2. The company has collaborations with the country’s most powerful logistics support service provider.
  3. They have a team that consists of the best pharma experts, heart care experts, and doctors.
  4. Arlak Biotech delivers products under ait-tight packaging.
  5. They are the winner of many awards and recognitions.

Sanify Healthcare

Owning amazing production facilities and infrastructure, Sanify Healthcare offers India’s finest quality cardiovascular range. The products delivered by them possess the best shelf-life and are available in the form of Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, etc. These products are manufactured using 100% tested raw material under state-of-the-art facilities. The company follows strict quality and safety norms while formulating their medicines.

Here is the quality policy followed at Sanify Healthcare:

  1. The company sources raw materials from trusted and reliable suppliers.
  2. They use natural ingredients to formulate their products.
  3. Sanify Healthcare delivers products under leakage-proof packaging.
  4. They follow a series of quality tests to assure quality, reliability, and safety levels.

Kenriz Care

Another amazing brand that has made its way to the List of Best Cardiovascular Pharma Companies in India is Kenriz Care. Stared with the agenda to transform the heart care sector, Kenriz Care produces and supplies the finest quality cardiovascular range. The company has adopted a fair pricing policy that directs them to offer medicines at affordable prices. In addition to this, the company manufacture products under excide free zones using imp0ortyed machinery.

  1. Amlodipine 5MG + Atenolol 50MG TABLET
  2. Atorvastatin 20MG TABLET
  4. Olmesartan Medoxomil 40MG + Hydrochlorithiazide12.5MG TABLET
  5. Losartan Potassium 50MG TABLET
  6. Metoprolol (SR) 25MG TABLET
  7. Ramipril 5MG TABLET
  8. Gabapentin and Nortriptyline Hydrochloride Tablets
  9. Telmisartan40MG TABLET
  10. Teneligliptin Tablets

Pax Healthcare

Pax Healthcare is a famous pharmaceutical company. The company is a well-known manufacturers, exporter, and distributor of Cardiovascular Medicines and Drugs. Assisted by a team of heart care experts, doctors, and R&D scientists, Pax Healthcare delivers high-quality Cardiac formulations at decent prices. The medicines formulated by Pax Healthcare are formulated after complete research and crafted using biologically active material.

Company Name

Pax Healthcare








PAN India

Arlak Corazon

Arlak Corazon is a multi-specialty pharma company that commercializes a high-quality range of Cardiac medicines across PAN India. Headquartered in Dhakoli (Zirakpur), the company is backed by stop-of-the-line production houses and laboratories.  Using deep pharma knowledge and heart care literature, we make sure to deliver value for money products and deliver them through a robust logistic channel. Here are the reasons why Arlak Corazon is among the Top Cardiovascular Pharma Companies in India:

  1. They have ISO certification.
  2. The company owns the finest quality cardiac range.
  3. Their products are legally approved for usage.
  4. Arlak Corazon distributes products across PAN India.

Servocare Lifesciences

Servocare Lifesciences is transforming the cardiology sector through its innovative products and excellent in the field of pharma manufacturing. The company is experienced steered business growth and they are expanding their reach by offering cardiovascular range across the country. The experts at Servocare Lifesciences optimally utilize hi-tech instruments and fabricate astonishing quality Cardiac range. Their products are available in multiple forms, shapes, and sizes. Apart from this, they have a separate packaging team that makes sure hygienic packaging of the products.

Company Name

Servocare Lifesciences





PAN India

Monopoly Rights Offered


SKG International

Headed by Mr. Vaneet Jain, SKG International was started in 2015 with the sole purpose to meet the necessities of the customers. The company manufactures and delivers a world-class range of cardiovascular products that are considered as best in terms of quality, shelf-life, and results. Today, due to the hard work and consistency of SKG International, they are counted under the Top Cardiovascular Pharma Companies in India.

The company is considered as the on-stop shop for getting unmatched quality products and tremendous business opportunities. You can contact them if you want to get hands-on with one of the finest cardiac ranges along with many more other perks such as timely delivery, monopoly rights, free promotional tools, and much more.

Final Thoughts

We hope that know you also knew about the Top Cardiovascular Pharma Companies in India. But if you are looking to deal with the cardiovascular range and wanted to earn better profits, then choose the Best Cardiovascular Pharma Company in India, Arlak Biotech.

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