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Why getting your own license to do pharma-franchise is better than working on a stockiest license – Having your own business in the pharma industry means having good returns and profits. The pharma industry is booming in India and this industry is very rapidly spreading its roots across the country and providing numerous profitable business opportunities to people working in it. If you are looking for some information on why getting your own license to do pharma-franchise is better than working on a stockiest license then you are at the right place. In this blog by Arlak Biotech, we will provide you some useful information regarding the same. As we all know the pharma industry is flourishing in the country and it is considered one of the most profitable and rewarding businesses. But dealing in the pharma industry is quite a risky task as it involves products that impact the health of people. Several documents are needed in this industry for dealings to ensure that all the procedures match the set standards. Moreover, having all the required & legal documents serves as proof of the firm’s authenticity.Why getting your own license to do pharma-franchise is better than working on a stockiest license

Therefore, if you are looking to establish your own business in the pharma franchise firm then there are several types of requirements that you must acquire like GST/VAT, TIN Number, Wholesale medication permit, etc. There are two methods by which you can meet these requirements and establish PCD Pharma Franchise Firm. The first one is to apply and get an individual permit and the second one is to utilize the stickiest permit. To apply for a Wholesale drug license, several documents, heavy investment and time need to be invested and this can be a daunting task. Hence, to avoid this hassle, one goes the other route and appoints a stockiest. Now the stockiest is a person that can be a boost to your business or can become the reason for your downfall. Therefore, choosing the right stockiest is a critical task. So

Why getting your own license to do pharma-franchise is better than working on a stockiest license?

Let’s find out

  • Appointing a stockiest can be a tough job as you have to consider several variables before appointing a stockiest that might take time. Hence, it is a time-consuming process.
  • If you appoint stockiest for billing purposes then he will get the exact idea about the rates at which you are buying stocks
  • Appointing a stockiest can be a risky task he will be familiar with all the confidential information like the rates, the firm from which you are buying stocks, information about the retails to whom you are selling stocks, and much more.
  • He will have the idea regarding the commission promised to several doctors or schemes pro missed to the retailers.
  • A stockiest can be dangerous as he will know the entire information regarding the profits margins and other information.
  • If a stockiest is familiar with your profits earning margins then he might think that without a wholesale drug license or any other license, how you can earn more than him.
  • If you made a wrong decision and appoint a greedy stockiest, then he can be the reason behind the downfall of your business.
  • If you want to work in the market for a longer time then it will be a great idea to get your own stockiest permit. The amount that you will invest will pay back itself easily.
  • By having your own permit, you can save yourself from any hazards or contingency. Moreover, one can work freely and as an independent firm with a feeling of security.


We hope that through this blog by Arlak Biotech, you get the information that you were looking for. In a few cases, having a stockiest will work but it is always preferred to get your own license for long-term perks. Arlak Biotech is one of the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India that is known to deliver high-quality pharma products and outstanding franchise services. We are a firm that has all the required licenses or permits that helps us to keep the information and become competitive firms. You can feel free to contact Arlak Biotech and know more about us, our products, and franchise requirements. Give us a call at +91-9803023099, 769626336, or you can email us as well at


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